Ferienhaus und Ferienwohnungen in Toskana (Castiglione della Pescaia - Grosseto)
Willkommen in Paradies
Toskana pur mit Phantasie... bei sonne, meer und Archaologie
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  If ... Poggialberi Farm
If You love peace and tranquillity...
If You love the country (side)...
  If You're not looking for an'in place...
  If You wuld like a clean, homely
  traditional cottage...
  If You went a bese for travelling (trips) visiting
    such cities as Pisa, Florence, Siena and Roma.
Finally.. If You want to go one of the most beautiful
  Regions of Italy......
  THEN...............CONTINUE TO READ ON
  Poggialberi is a tipycal farm of the "Maremma Tuscany". It is in the province of Grosseto and about 10 miles from Castiglione della Pescaia, once a tipycal fishing village, today one of the most famous tourist centres in Italy.
Poggialberi Farm
Here You find beautiful beatches and scebery with a hot sunny climate from April to October
But near Poggialberi there isn't only the entiang beatches and beautiful sea of Italy.
If You prefer there are other beatches within easy each, or example Punta Ala or Marina di Grosseto where You can drive through 5 miles of enchanting pine forest.
  If You love ancient history, You can visit Etruscan Tombs of Vetulonia (3 miles), the Roman ruines at Roselle (5 miles). At Vetulonia also a new Etruscan Museum. At Grosseto and Massa Marittima beautiful Cathedrals.

Ancient ruines

Ancient ruine in the Poggialberi garden. (IV-V A.C.)

    Near Populonia (40 Km) archaeological park

Grosseto (a 18 Km.) : one of the four towns in Italy with original medioevali (miccle ages) intact walls.



In Maremma .... the wines!!....:
"Morellino di Scansano"
"Bianco di Pitigliano"
"Monteregio di Massa Marittima"

In Maremma ... the olive oil !!!.

In Maremma...:
"La Ribollita"
"I Tortelli"
"La zuppa di funghi"

Detail of oil jar
Detail of ancient oil jar of old Poggialberi olive press.
        Poggialberi is also a good base for travelling (trips) visiting such cities as Pisa, Florence, Siena and Roma..
Regional park: "La doma" In "Maremma" ...... i "Butteri" !!!! And "Uccellina" Natural Park
So You will welcome in the region of "butteri"
  ... with the torrid yellow of his sunflowers.
  ... the gay azure of his sea.
  ... the relax green of pinewood.
  ... the heat red of his wines.

...............and so on.....

But above all one thing precious and today rare:

......" La schietta cordialità della sua gente". (friendly people)

Con molti Auguri. Ciao

Andrea e Amina