Farmhouse - "Poggialberi" - Holiday house
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Archaeology, sea and sun... on the farm is so much fun
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dani&stefano........ poggialberi

Daniela e Stefano (1974) show You "Poggialberi" & Maremma Tuscany (Italy)

"Poggialberi" is a traditional and typical Farm of the Maremma Tuscany (Italy) no far from the sea (Castiglione della Pescaia) and located over a hillock ("Poggio...) with secular oaks, olives and cypress trees (...alberi").

Around the main farm-house there are 3 little building.

We have 5 flat/cottages : 2 reserved for landowner and for holiday of their friends. The other 3 are reserved for guests.

Tel. 347 0898762 - Email:andrea@poggialberi.net